Helpful Links

Apologetics Press – Dedicated to the defense of the Bible and New Testament Christianity.

World Bible School – Bible lessons via e-mail and the Internet.

World Video Bible School – Online resources from WVBS.

WVBS Online School – Online curriculum covering every Old and New Testament book. Videos – More than 1200 hours of online video lessons.

House to House – Articles, audio and video lessons.

Christian Courier – Religious doctrine, Christian evidences, and biblical ethics.

Focus Press – Home of Think and Kaio magazine.

Gospel Broadcasting Network – Stream live or watch video archives.

ChurchZip – Find a church of Christ anywhere in the world.

Christian Chronicle – An international newspaper for churches of Christ.

eBibleTeacher – Resources for the computer in the Bible class and worship. – Sermon outlines, charts, handouts, and Bible class books.

Executable Outlines – Over 1600 sermons and Bible studies in outline form.

StudyLight Commentaries – Bible commentaries including Coffman and McGarvey.

Eastern European Mission – Give Bibles to those in Russia, Ukraine, and Eastern Europe.

WFR Relief Ministries – Give to those who have been devastated by natural or economic disasters.